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試験科目:Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials
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他の人はあちこちでOracle 1z0-965 試験内容試験資料を探しているとき、あなたはすでに勉強中で、準備階段でライバルに先立ちます。また、我々JPexamは量豊かのOracle 1z0-965 試験内容試験資料を提供しますし、ソフト版であなたにOracle 1z0-965 試験内容試験の最も現実的な環境をシミュレートさせます。勉強中で、何の質問があると、メールで我々はあなたのためにすぐ解決します。心配はありませんし、一心不乱に試験復習に取り組んでいます。

NO.1 The Human Resource Representative of the organization is trying to set up the grade rates.
During the process, she realizes that the grades were created without steps.
Identify two options for adding rates to the grade.
A. Add the rates at the same time as when you add the grade using the Manage Grades task.
B. Use the Default Grade rates that are available upon creating grades.
C. Add the rates separately using the Manage Grade Rates task.
D. First add the rates for each step, then add the grade to a grade ladder.
E. First add the grade to a grade ladder, then add the rates for each step.
Answer: A,C

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NO.2 As an implementation consultant, you are in the process of setting up geographies in the
application. Which three statements are true about defining geographies?
A. Geography type can either be defined by a user or can be geopolitical.
B. You must identify thetop-level of geography as Country and define a geography type.
C. You must set geography validation for the specific address style for a country.
D. You must map geography to reporting establishments for reporting purposes.
E. It is mandatory to define geography validations before geography hierarchy can be defined.
Answer: A,B,C

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NO.3 A client's organization employs disabled individuals. All these individuals are registered with an
external organization that supports them. The client wants to capture the registration details and
some legislative information pertaining to their disabilities.
As an implementation consultant, how would you configure the system to capture this information?
A. Define a tax reporting unit for the group of employees with disabilities.
B. Define disability organizations in the system and, while creating person records, enter any other
descriptive or legislative information pertaining to disability.
C. Define Reporting Establishment for the group of employees with disabilities and capture the
required information.
D. Because theorganization supporting the disabled employees is an external organization,
information pertaining to this cannot be captured in the system.
Answer: B

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NO.4 A client requires that promotion approvals should go to a static set of three users in a
sequential manner, with the approval process continuing to the next user if the prior approver is not
What setup is required to meet this requirement?
A. Enable a descriptive flex field to capture the approves in the required sequence and create
Approval Group List Builder.
B. While configuring Approval Group List Builder, select "Allow empty groups" as True.
C. The default functionality is that if any approver is not present, then thetransaction gets auto-
D. All approvers must be present in the system; else, the promotion transaction fails.
E. While configuring Approval Group List Builder, select "Allow empty groups" as False.
Answer: E

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