C8 試験攻略、C8 基礎訓練

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試験科目:Business Acumen for Compensation Professional
問題と解答:全80問 C8 試験合格攻略

>> C8 試験合格攻略


NO.1 Which of the following best describes present value?
A. The current value of holdings and how much it will grow over time at a given rate of return
B. The difference between the desired value in the future and the current value as a percentage of
the desired value
C. The current value of holdings
D. The desired value in the future and what needs to be invested today to realize that amount
Answer: D

C8 受験生   

NO.2 The XYZ Company opened a new manufacturing facility with a capital investment of 10,000,000.
The cost to obtain the capital was 8%. In its first year of operations, the facility's net operating profit
after taxes was 10,500,000. What was the economic value added (EVA) using the EVA formula?
A. 9,700,000
B. 500,000
C. 840,000
D. 8,000,000
Answer: A

C8 体験記   

NO.3 What is the primary reason why a compensation professional working for a multinational
company should understand regulatory requirements and application of rewards globally?
A. Because it is possible to pay significantly less for talent in different countries and compensation
should advise management on when and where to locate various jobs within the company
B. They shouldn't. Due to the complexities of global regulations and practices, compensation
administration outside of the home country should be outsourced.
C. Because the compensation professional has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the financial
resources of their organization are spent in a prudent manner
D. Because legal compliance with compensation-related regulations is the responsibility of the
compensation department
Answer: C

C8 技術   C8 更新   

NO.4 Regarding compensation communications with executives, where do they tend to need the
greatest level of understanding?
A. In the details of their individual compensation packages
B. In the methods and processes used to make pay decisions
C. In the differences in pay levels for the different levels of the organization
D. In the overall program objectives
Answer: D

C8 的中率   

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