1z0-062 資格勉強 - Oracle Database 12C: Installation And Administration

Oracleの1z0-062 資格勉強認定試験を除いて、最近非常に人気がある試験はまたOracleCiscoIBM、SAPなどの様々な認定試験があります。しかし、もし1z0-062 資格勉強認証資格を取りたいなら、JPexamの1z0-062 資格勉強問題集はあなたを願望を達成させることができます。試験の受験に自信を持たないので諦めることをしないでください。JPexamの試験参考書を利用することを通して自分の目標を達成することができますから。1z0-062 資格勉強認証資格を入手してから、他のIT認定試験を受験することもできます。JPexamの試験問題集を手にすると、どのような試験でも問題ではありません。

JPexam提供した商品の品質はとても良くて、しかも更新のスピードももっともはやくて、もし君はOracleの1z0-062 資格勉強の認証試験に関する学習資料をしっかり勉強して、成功することも簡単になります。

弊社は強力な教師チームがあって、彼たちは正確ではやくて例年のOracle 1z0-062 資格勉強認定試験の資料を整理して、直ちにもっとも最新の資料を集めて、弊社は全会一緻で認められています。Oracle 1z0-062 資格勉強試験認証に合格確率はとても小さいですが、JPexamはその合格確率を高めることが信じてくだい。

試験科目:Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration
問題と解答:全330問 1z0-062 再テスト

>> 1z0-062 再テスト


NO.1 Which three statements are true about SQL plan directives?
A. Improveplan accuracy by persisting both compilation and execution statistics in the
SYSAUX tablespace.
B. They instruct the optimizer to create only column group statistics.
C. They are tied to a specific statement or SQL ID.
D. They areused to gather only missing statistics.
E. They are created for a query expression where statistics are missing or the cardinality estimates by
the optimizer are incorrect.
F. They instruct the maintenance job to collect missing statistics or perform dynamic sampling to
generate a more optimal plan.
Answer: B,E,F

1z0-062 Vce   
During SQL execution, if a cardinality misestimate occurs, then the database creates SQL plan
directives. During SQL compilation, the optimizer examines the query corresponding to the directive
to determine whether missing extensions or histograms exist (D). The optimizer records any missing
extensions. Subsequent DBMS_STATS calls collect statistics for the extensions.
The optimizer uses dynamic sampling whenever it does not have sufficient statistics corresponding to
the directive. (B, not C)
E: Currently, the optimizer monitors only column groups. The optimizer does not create an extension
on expressions.
Not A: SQL plandirectives are not tied to a specific SQL statement or SQL ID.
* A SQL plan directive is additional information and instructions that the optimizer can use to
generate a more optimal plan. For example, a SQL plan directive can instruct the optimizer to record
a missing extension.

NO.2 Which statement is true about Oracle Net Listener?
A. Service registration with thelistener is performed by the process monitor (LREG) process of each
database instance.
B. The listener.ora configuration file must be configured with one or more listening protocol
addresses to allow remote users to connect to a database instance.
C. A single listener can service only one database instance and multiple remote client connections.
D. It acts as the listening endpoint for the Oracle database instance for all local and non- local user
E. The listener.ora configuration file must be located in the
ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directly.
Answer: A

1z0-062 受験期   

NO.3 You notice that the elapsed time for an important database scheduler Job is unacceptably long.
The job belongs to a scheduler job class and window.
Which two actions would reduce the job's elapsed time?
A. Increasing the job's relative priority within the Job class to which it belongs
B. Increasing the resource allocation for the consumer group mapped to the scheduler job's job class
within the plan mapped to the scheduler window
C. Increasing the value of the JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES parameter
D. Moving the job to an existing higher priority scheduler window with the same schedule and
E. Increasing thepriority of the scheduler window to which the job belongs
F. Increasing the priority of the job class to which the job belongs
Answer: A,B
B: Job priorities are used only to prioritize among jobs in the same class.
Note: Group jobs for prioritization Within the same job class, you can assign priority values of 1-5 to
individual jobs so that if two jobs in the class are scheduled to start at the same time, the one with
the higher priority takes precedence. This ensures that you do not have a less important job
preventing the timely completion of a more important one.
C: Set resource allocation for member jobs
Job classes provide the link between the Database Resource Manager and the Scheduler, because
each job class can specify a resource consumer group as an attribute. Member jobs then belong to
the specifiedconsumer group and are assigned resources according to settings in the current resource

NO.4 Which two statements are true about the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)? (Choose
A. It can be usedto copy an existing Oracle database to a new host and apply any patches necessary
in the new host.
B. It can be used to create a database template from an existing database.
C. It can be used to add a new tablespace.
D. It can generate SQL database creation scripts.
E. It can configure Automatic Storage Management (ASM) diskgroups.
Answer: B,D

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